Dry Cleaning

We appreciate the value of your garments and treat them with the utmost care. We review every care label to ensure we clean your garments with the unique care needed to assure it is delivered back to you clean, fresh and ready to wear. We specialize in sequins, beads, and couture items, and treat them with the very special care they deserve. We’ve been providing the highest efforts to be the best dry cleaners by studying the industry’s newest techniques and handling our customer’s clothes with a personal touch.

With over 30 years of experience in dry cleaning, Star Cleaners is your choice for your professional local dry cleaners. We are staffed with an experienced workforce making sure each and every spot or stain will be carefully inspected and noted, giving your clothes the best treatment. It’s also important to understand how each cleaning solution will affect each different type of garment. With our experience we have the knowledge to prevent those unwanted damages.

Shirt Laundry

Dress shirts can be difficult to clean and iron at home. Quit hassling with your dress shirts and drop them off at Star Cleaners for our executive shirt laundry service. We’ll wash, press and starch your dress shirts so that they look brand-new. Rely on our professionals to save yourself the time and headache. Give us a call today (775) 567-8780 to schedule a pickup from your home or office.

Wash and Fold

With over 30 years of experience, Star Cleaners strives to provide a simple and convenient wash and fold service from a crafted and disciplined staff team. Washing and drying your garments isn’t the end of the process. Folding is also another step to add to the process. Some may like doing laundry such as washing and drying your clothes, but who likes folding? We’ll take the whole chore from you and allow us to fluff and fold your clothes. With that in mind, you will know for sure you will be receiving quality care and services with us! We do our best to understand your needs in order to best educate you with our cleaning methods.

So why wait?! Give us a call or come on in and we will be happy to lend over some time by folding your clothes for you. It’s super easy. Just drop off your clothes and tell us how you want it done. We can fluff and fold while you go grocery shopping.


With commercial and professional laundry services large volume washes are no longer a burden but an efficient and thorough wash is always clean and fresh with Star Cleaners. From shirt laundry to alterations Star Cleaners is like having your own personal maid.

You will find that your large household items simply won’t get cleaned at home. All of the surface area won’t get washed. You jam it in there to make it fit but then during the tumble they won’t all be able to rub and tumble to wash and effectively pull the dirt out. With our efficient washer and we use less water and clean a lot better, which in turn impacts the environment in a better way! Your bedding items (comforters, bedspreads, sheets and pillow cases/shams) are carefully inspected before properly cleaning them to insure you receive them clean, bright, odorless, and crisp.

Tailoring & Alteration

We perform fittings to insure your garments are altered to your specifications. Our seamstresses have years of experience and can handle your easy hems to fit your special dress or gown to your measurements so it fits perfectly for your special occasion. We can also turn around your last minute alteration in a day, same day in some cases. We offer the following alterations services:

  • Children's Clothing Alterations
  • Costume Alterations
  • Hemming Services
  • Jeans/Denim Alterations
  • Outerwear Alterations
  • Patching Services
  • Skirt Alterations
  • Tapering Services
  • Zipper Replacement & Repair
  • Resizing Services
  • Dress Alterations
  • Home Decor Alterations
  • Mending Services
  • Pant & Trouser Alterations
  • Shirt & Blouse Alterations
  • Suit Alterations
  • Uniform Alterations


Cleaning leather is a little different compared to cleaning other materials such as cotton or other types of materials fit for laundry. If you ever take a look at the label on leather accessories and apparel you will find that there is a care label on it signifying that professional cleaning is recommended for leather and suede. Leather requires stain treatment, stain removal, cleaning, conditioning, buffering, and a coat to seal off the leather and also to protect it as well.

When leather and suede is manufactured they use a type of dye to give its lively color. And due to the fact that dyes are not always up to par, it should be noted that there could be some loss in color. Here at Star Cleaners we have professionals with much experience where we can ensure to keep any color loss to a minimum.


Let’s be realistic – life is getting very busy, and we totally understand it! There simply are not enough hours in the day to get everything done! At Star Cleaners, our goal is to make your life easier. We offer a free pick-up & drop-off service to your home or office absolutely FREE!


Here at Star Cleaners we have been providing quality and professional services including wedding gown/dress cleaning and preservation for over 30 years. With much experience, we make sure each dress is spotless before they are stored. We offer skilled services when it comes to handling sophisticated dresses like wedding dresses.